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Next Year

blog-o-rama 2012

July 21 starting at 09:00 EST

Together we can make a difference!

The End

blog-o-rama is now over.

Check back for a link to next year’s event.

Winding Down

As the new day is dawning
there still is a whole lot of blogging.
Roughly two hours to go
and so much to show.

This blogging event is almost over for another year. So much preparation went into creating this event and starting publicity. I know next year will be more alive now that so much is set into place.

Over the Half Way Point

Almost 14 hours in and no problems here. Had I had bloggers to monitor again this year this would be the time I would have said something like,

“We are more than halfway done. Hang in there! We are winding down into what many have considered the toughest part of this event: the overnight. Many people drift way within the next few hours, and if just held on could have finished. Remember why we are doing this and we can get through. Good luck!”

Going strong

Just about 4 hours in to this year’s event and going strong. If there were other bloggers this year I would have said to them,

“You all are doing great and keep up the good work!  I am sure your charity is grateful for your efforts here today.”

Good Morning

The 2nd annual blog-o-rama has officially begun!

I am going to run this blog as if I have a handful (or more) participants. The only difference this year is I will not have all the blog highlights showcasing each blogger and the hard work they are putting in for their chosen charity. Hopefully next year I will have a larger turnout.

Together we can make a difference!